Community ~ an introduction

Greenleys Junior is a restorative school. We support not only the children in our school but the families in the local area surrounding the school. We teach respect for each other, develop our community spirit and nurture self-confidence.

We believe that is important to develop our pupils’ sense of community to help them take a positive and proactive place in society; it is equally important that as a school we share our expertise and resources, as well as a common sense of purpose, with our local community.

We therefore place a strong emphasis on building close ties with our key stakeholders and playing a full and active roll in the community. Our pupils are involved in many community initiatives and projects, as well as fundraising for local charities and good causes. Our facilities are used by a number of local organizations and we are always looking for new partnerships.

Free Wi-Fi access is available within our school reception to support children and families to get on in a world that relies ever increasingly on technology. See the office team for more details.