Yr5 Harry Potter visit

On Friday 16th November, 48 excited children (and equally excited adults) clambered onto a bus bound for the Harry Potter Studio Tour near Watford. Building on the term’s work, based on ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, the visit was intended to bring to life many of the elements we had read about and seen in the film. Spirits flew high as the 2 massive sound-stages came into view and we met Phil, our guide. He gave each child a passport and led us into the cinema where we were shown snippets of the films.

The screen then lifted to show the magnificent wooden door of the Great Hall, children gasped in excitement.

Through the doors lay 258 sets and thousands of props, each of which was familiar to the children from the films. Professor Dumbledore’s costume, the Gryffindor dormitory and the Ministry of Magic took the group forward. We stopped for a wonderful lesson, where the children saw, at close hand, some costumes not seen by the public, and worked to pitch a film idea in 25 words or less.

The tour continued – the night bus, the models and creatures (Dobby was a firm favourite) and the mind-blowing 1/20 scale Hogwarts castle itself – sight after sight to remember and treasure.

After a time in the shop, selecting the souvenirs  to take home, we got back on board and, stopping for a lively tea at a nearby McDonalds, made ready for the journey home.

This week we have been using the visit to fuel our literacy writing and artwork. All the children were in awe of the things that we saw and behaved extremely well.

Definitely a visit never to forget!