Extra Curricular Provision

From Breakfast to After School Clubs

Breakfast Club

As part of our Catering Service, we also offer a free breakfast club. Breakfast clubs runs from 8am each day and is staffed by our Learning Mentors, supported by Learning Support Assistants and other staff members.
Typical breakfast club choices include:
• Scrambled/Poached Egg
• Sausage
• Bacon
• Beans
• Toast with a selection of spreads
• Choice of cereals
• Milk or water
You do not need to book for breakfast Club, children can just turn up on the morning. Breakfast Club is open to all of our students regardless of their year group. During breakfast club we also offer a range of games and other free play for your child to take part in whilst waiting for lessons to begin.

After School Activities

At Greenleys Junior School we are pleased to be able to offer an extensive programme of after school clubs which are designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests. They give children the opportunity to deepen their enjoyment of school subjects, try completely new skills and gain the valuable experience of working with children and staff from different year groups.

Our clubs make the best use of the school’s excellent facilities, and, whenever possible, draw on the expertise and enthusiasm of our staff. Unlike in many other schools, the majority of our after-school clubs are free of charge. A small charge for materials is charged for some clubs.

Table Tennis – All Years – Stephen Baggaley
Cross Country – All Years – Miss Davis
Choir – All Years – Mrs Tracey
Construction – All Years – Miss Bowley (50p per session)

Martial Arts – All Years – Lauren

Eco / Gardening – Priority to those who have attended before – Mrs Maw and Mr Read
Art – All Years – Mrs DJ and Mrs Kelsey (50p per session)

Thursday – Years 5 and 6 – Mountain Rangers (£1.50 per session)

Make Lunch

As part of supporting our families, we work very closely with the “One-in-Five” Charity. They are a locally based charity working to combat childhood hunger during the school holidays. We recognise that some families, especially those with children on free school meals, struggle to feed their children when school is closed.

Each half-term, we open our school, for part the week, to enable the charity to provide a free lunch for our families. During this also provide free play sessions. The charity is currently working with local supermarkets and the MK Foodbank to provide lunches throughout the summer holidays for more and more families in Milton Keynes. If you would like to know more about their work, please take a look at their website www.oneinfive.co.uk